cigar-server-cigar-rollerCigar roller events vary from one affair to another and must be priced individually.
Everyone has a different amount of guests, a different type of event, need varying amounts of time with different types of features like custom cigar bands, cigar servers and of course a Cigar Roller, sometimes even more than one.

Sometimes a cigar roller is not necessary when cigars alone will do just fine as in most personal events with guest lists under 75 people.
All of our events are done for promotion and no commission is made, the objective is to expose the CF Dominicana brand of cigars to potential new customers.

Because of the unique variables for each event request exist all events are quoted separately.

After you submit the Contact Form, we will have the date, location, type of event and guest count which we will use to put together a package of features that will cater perfectly to your Big Day.