box-churchill-cigarsCigar Rollers aren’t the only feature we provide to promote the CF Dominicana brand of cigars. Other features such as custom designed graphics on cigar bands and even cigar waitresses can be provided for your event to add an aesthetic and give an upscale feel for your evening.

The cigars are all manufactured in the Dominican Republic and imported into the United States for distribution throughout the country. We use strictly Dominican filler and Connecticut shade wrapper leaf to provide a light to medium bodied flavor that only a Dominican Connecticut combination can have. Just like Ashton, Monte Christo, Dunhill, CF Dominicana is in the Dominican group of premium cigars enjoyed by most aficionados.

Typically for DC events where there is a cigar roller rolling cigars, 50 ring gauge cigars are recommended. A 50 ring is a classic with which allows the smoke to burn cool and brings the tobacco taste to the smoker better than thin gauges which burn hotter.
Robusto was, Churchill’s and Toros are often requested for cigar rolling events and our cigars come in various wrapper leaves as well such as; the Tribeca cigar which is a Connecticut shade and the Chelsea cigar which is a deep, dark Maduro Ecuadorian leaf to bring a very full-bodied flavor to the more experienced aficionados pallette.

When you inquire about your event simply give us the details and we will recommend the right cigar and quantity to complement your Special Night.