Cigar Rollers D.C.

The Cigar Rollers that are allocated to the DC events are Julio and David. Julio is a master cigar roller from Santiago Dominican Republic and David is from Tamboril Dominican Republic. Together, these cigar artisans make up just two of…


Cigar Rollers aren’t the only feature we provide to promote the CF Dominicana brand of cigars. Other features such as custom designed graphics on cigar bands and even cigar waitresses can be provided for your event to add an aesthetic…

D.C. Cigar Servers

Cigar Servers are another attractive addition to your cigar feature. Just like the old movies like Casablanca and even today in various casinos, cigar servers are expected visual for upscale guest list. Also known as cigar waitresses, these cigar servers…

D.C. Cigar Events

Cigar Rollers for DC area events started in Georgetown and quickly grew to include all of DC with outlying cities such as Annapolis, McLean Virginia, Tysons corner, with events from Baltimore to South Virginia. Premium cigars and cigar rollers that live in DC are contracted with CF Dominicana cigars to provide talent that is not only knowledgeable in the old world craft of cigar rolling but also artisans that you would like to have your guests as you - the host - are indirectly being represented.

The cigars are all imported from the Dominican Republic and construction is excellent as we are sold in stores.
Like most brands, great attention goes to the detail in our product and our service to make sure everyone is on time and looks great for the best presentation possible.

National Harbor has been our greatest feature location for cigar rolling events mainly due to the Gaylord hotel. The Gaylord national resort in Oxon Hill Maryland is a beautiful backdrop for so many types of events and allows the cigar friendly atmosphere to cater to any affair. Cigars along with cigar rollers, custom cigar bands, and even cigar waitresses that float the room throughout the Gaylord and other cities around DC, have been in demand for over 15 years.

Cigar Catering® is brought to a whole new level in DC after we launched multiple events in the Union Station area.

Send us the details of your next event through the contact page and we will have a quote ready for you that will bring a new experience to your guests and make your party a memory long after it's over.